For the Mini’s

Introducing Matilda Jane Clothing

Maybe you’re looking for special outfits your kids can wear to a wedding or family photoshoot, or maybe you just want a reliable option for fashionable children’s clothing that can keep up with their active lifestyle. Whatever you need, Curated Closet offers a variety of services to keep your kids up to date with fun and stylish outfits.

Even when they’re young, children usually have an idea of how they want to be dressed. While they may not have the know-how to put together an outfit that looks, well, good, they definitely have opinions when it comes to things like color, material, and current trends.

No matter their age, everyone has a right to be confident in their clothes. The bright and colorful styles of Matilda Jane Clothing are created with your child in mind: the designs allow your little ones to mix and match their own outfits while still stepping outside in something cute and stylish. The brand is made specifically to grow with your children: twirly dresses become flowy tunics and leggings easily convert to cropped capris, so she can keep rocking her favorite pieces even when she hits the next growth spurt.

For some children, sensory issues mean scratchy fabric and stiff seams aren’t just uncomfortable—they’re unbearable. That’s why it’s not just about the look when it comes to the Matilda Jane brand. MJC clothes are made to keep her comfortable, with soft, durable fabric and a high-quality design that ensures your pieces will not only hold up throughout her childhood, but they’ll also support the next generation of little sisters or cousins who inherit her clothes.

As your MJC brand representative, I’ll find pieces both you and your daughters will love, working to balance their preferences and yours and removing the hassle from children’s fashion. They’ll enjoy having the freedom to make their own decisions, and you’ll enjoy the absence of tears, temper tantrums, and time-consuming trips to the mall.


“You go above and beyond! I still will never forget, I was a newer customer when we had our house fire. You went out of your way and gave my daughter a new wardrobe to replace what she had lost in our fire. You related to me and told me your story and that was encouraging. I know it’s just clothes but that little thing meant alot to me in the midst of chaos.” – Alanah H.

 “You do such a great job making little girls, and their mommas alike, FEEL beautiful!” -Michelle W.

Experience the joy of Matilda Jane