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By partnering with the J.Hilburn brand, Curated Closet is able to offer a wide variety of options for custom-fit menswear. With 15 points of measurement and personalization down to the button color, your suits, t-shirts, and jeans will be perfectly made to your precise standards. Adjustments are made at no cost to you, and your J.Hilburn online fit profile will make every future order of high-quality men’s fashion quick and easy.

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Closet edits are designed to help you cement your personal style with a full evaluation of your wardrobe. Your initial image consultation will help me gain a better understanding your individual style and tastes, from the way you like your shirts to fit to the colors you can’t stand. From there, we’ll reexamine your wardrobe, clearing out the pieces that don’t fit with your style vision and making room for future items you’ll love. I’ll help you build outfits that suit your preferences and body shape, offering tips for styling, closet organization, and shopping for your fashion sense along the way. For your convenience, men’s wardrobe edits and fashion consultations can be scheduled for an online or in-person meeting.

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When it comes to men’s fashion, it’s not just about having the right pieces—it’s also essential to know how to assemble them into an outfit that both looks good and represents your personal style. Available online or in person, Curated Closet’s personal styling sessions will help you develop your individual style. With my assistance, you’ll learn how to work with the items in your wardrobe to create go-to outfits that simplify the way you look at fashion. We’ll discuss strategies for accessorizing, as well as tips for how to adjust outfits for formality and weather, and you’ll walk away with a complete understanding of how to make your ideal look a reality.

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“Jessica was there every step of the way. I am not a fashionista. Her input on color combinations was so helpful. She knew everything about me, had the right data, and connected the dots, to make everything work AND she delivers!!! She saved me driving time and who knows how many hours of in store shopping AND then there is the quality of J. Hilburn clothing!!”

Matt L

“I absolutely love the clothes and advice I get from Jessica! I got shopping once every 6 months for 30 minutes virtually and magically everything arrives at my doorstep fitting perfectly”

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