Personal Styling

Personal Styling

Even if you love every single item in your closet—and let’s be real, who does?—those perfect pieces don’t do you much good if you don’t know how to style them. The right clothes, shoes, and accessories are useless if you don’t know how to assemble them into a cohesive outfit that suits your personal brand.

Every woman has different tastes, but no one is born knowing how to combine their tastes into a distinct individual style. Curated Closet personal styling sessions are designed to help you develop your unique fashion sense and learn which pieces work well together. During your appointment, you’ll gain an understanding of how to style stunning outfits that show off both your inner and outer beauty and receive suggestions from me that will help you identify the essentials you need to complete your closet. You don’t need a full image consultation to get started, either—trust that the suggestions I make will be up to your personal standards.

How It Works

Maybe you’re preparing for a special event and want to ensure you’ll look your best when all eyes are on you. Maybe you want to learn how to update and elevate your current look with the magic of accessories. Or maybe you just want a wardrobe of go-to outfits that will make “What do I wear today?” a much less stressful question to answer.

During your personal styling session, we’ll go over your preferences for different cuts, colors, fits, and fashions. We’ll explore your style goals and build a reliable lookbook of outfits that you’ll actually wear. My goal as your personal stylist is not only to help you cultivate your individual style but also to make suggestions that expand your horizons to looks you never knew you’d love.

Over the course of the session, you’ll learn techniques for dressing up and dressing down to achieve your desired look, as well as tips for how to shop with your wardrobe in mind. Whether you’re aiming for sporty chic or casual classic, you’ll walk away knowing how to make your inspirations a reality that works for your body shape, coloring, and comfort.

Curated Closet is dedicated to offering services that go the distance: personal styling sessions can be done in the comfort of your own home or virtually for your convenience.

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