Closet Edit

Closet Edit

Stop me if this sounds familiar: you start your morning by staring blankly into your closet. Despite the overwhelming number of pieces you’ve accumulated, you somehow have nothing to wear. Your wardrobe doesn’t feel like you anymore—besides your favorite well-worn shirt and your go-to jeans, these are the clothes of a stranger. Getting ready for the day feels like a compromise between who you are and who your closet thinks you are.

Picking an outfit shouldn’t be hard, but when you’re not excited about the clothes you wear, styling yourself can be more of hassle than it’s worth. When you schedule your closet edit with Curated Closet, I’ll help you reevaluate your wardrobe with a fresh set of eyes, and you’ll walk away with a newfound appreciation for expressing your unique personal style.

How It Works

Your closet edit will start with a full image consultation. An important part of determining what to keep in your closet is exploring your personal sense of fashion, including what styles you prefer, colors you love, and occasions you frequently dress for. We’ll also talk about your style goals for the future—maybe it’s a subtle shift to wearing less black or a complete personal style rebrand. You’re your most confident when the clothes you wear feel like you, whether your style is casual chic or bright and cheerful.

Throughout the closet edit, we’ll decide which pieces and accessories deserve a place in your wardrobe and which ones need to go. Poorly fitting, outdated, or damaged clothing will find its way to the donation bin, and once we’ve cleared the clutter, we’ll work together to build outfits that you’ll actually wear. I’ll make suggestions for future purchases, and you’ll learn how to style your wardrobe staples, dressing them up or down for different occasions, as well techniques for keeping your closet organized and mess-free.

For your convenience and comfort, womenswear closet edits and image consultations can be done virtually or in person. Either way, the end result will be a closet full of clothing that excites you and a renewed, refreshed sense of your own personal style.

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