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Revamp Your Personal Style with a Closet Edit 

Picture this: you start the morning staring blankly into your closet. Despite the overwhelming number of pieces you’ve accumulated, you somehow have nothing to wear. Your wardrobe doesn’t feel like you anymore. Other than your favorite, well-worn shirt and your go-to jeans, these are the clothes of a stranger. 

When you’re not excited about the clothes you wear, styling yourself can feel like more hassle than it’s worth. Schedule a closet edit with Curated Closet and fall back in love with your wardrobe. With our expertise, we’ll help you reevaluate your closet’s contents and better understand your personal style. 

Get Started with a Personal Stylist

Your closet edit will start with an image consultation. An important part of determining what to keep in your closet is exploring your personal sense of fashion, including which styles you prefer, which colors you love, and which occasions you dress for most frequently. We’ll talk about your style goals for the future — everything from subtle changes, like wearing less black, to a total style rebrand. 

You’re most confident when the clothes you wear feel like you, whether your style is simple and casual or more elaborate and formal.  

How Closet Editing Works 

Throughout the closet edit, our closet organizer will work with you to decide which pieces and accessories deserve a place in your wardrobe and which ones need to go. Poorly fitting, outdated, and damaged clothing will be placed in a donation bin, while other items may go to a tailor, dry cleaner, or consignment shop. 

Once we’ve cleared the clutter, we’ll work together to build outfits you’ll actually wear. Our stylists make suggestions for future purchases and give you tips to style the staples of your wardrobe, including how to dress them up or down for different occasions. We’ll also teach you techniques to keep your closet clean and organized.  

When you finish a closet edit appointment with Curated Closet, you’ll finish with a deeper understanding of your personal style and a closet full of clothes that excite you! 

Schedule your Closet Edit with Curated Closet today!  

Choose the right closet edit package for you 

Closet Edit Silver $249  

Includes an initial consultation and up to four hours purging what needs to go, pairing what you have, and creating a list of pieces needed to round out your wardrobe.  

Closet Edit Gold $329 

All Closet Edit Silver benefits PLUS a written summary including links to suggested additions. Additionally, we’ll handle donating or consigning all closet cast-offs for you. 

Closet Edit Platinum $399 

All Closet Edit Gold benefits AND up to two hours of personal shopping (together or on your behalf) for suggested additions.  

Garment prices not included. 

See what people have to say!


“Jessica was there every step of the way. I am not a fashionista. Her input on color combinations was so helpful. She knew everything about me, had the right data, and connected the dots, to make everything work AND she delivers!!! She saved me driving time and who knows how many hours of in store shopping AND then there is the quality of J. Hilburn clothing!!”

Matt L

“I absolutely love the clothes and advice I get from Jessica! I got shopping once every 6 months for 30 minutes virtually and magically everything arrives at my doorstep fitting perfectly”

C. Hiltner

Jessica is simply the Best! I hate shopping and she took all the stress out of it. Highly recommend if you’re like me… with Jessica! She is A+!

Dave Faust

Jessica has a gift for putting together outfits that fit your style and personality! Even better, they are custom fit and tailored. Once you try clothing that fits correctly and is customized for you you won’t go back to the rack!!

Let Jessica work her magic on your wardrobe. You will be happy you did. Looking great was never easier.

Ruth Ann Veith

Jessica does a great job, we highly recommend her!

She gave us tips on the different styles that really made a difference when deciding Tony’s outfit for his event. His outfit was perfect! She is so helpful in helping us learn new looks and styles and how Tony could wear them. We love his clothes from Jessica and Curated Closet!

Josh Beaudry

Jessica is a Top Notch menswear stylist! I’ve gotten numerous pieces from her, all beautiful and all perfect fitting! She actually changed me, and I am much classier!!

Give her a shot, you will be delighted!!

Samual Jourdan

Jessica is THE absolute best hands down. My clothes fit perfect, the entire process was a blast and felt personalized and not forced.
I will be getting all of my formal wear (and even informal wear) from her until the end of time.

Brenda Goble

Jessica is THE absolute best hands down. My clothes fit perfect, the entire process was a blast and felt personalized and not forced.
I will be getting all of my formal wear (and even informal wear) from her until the end of time.

Jvonne Dunphy

Jessica helped organize and clear out my closet! She spent many hours to sort through clothes and rearrange the set up I was using! I highly recommend her for others to call to make the process efficient and quick!

Chris Foley

Jessica offers fantastic service and a great line of clothing!

Jacob Hanson

Highly recommending Jessica for your personal stylist! She figures out what you want and nails the fit! Definitely a repeat customer here!

Heather Wiczek

Love working with Jessica!! She is great with details!!!

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